Thursday, September 3, 2009

Breaking News: Bill Plaschke is a Total Douche

Phil Wallace who contributes to Native Intelligence at LA Observed takes a look at our friend Bill Plaschke through the prism of his schizophrenic Matt Kemp coverage.

Everyone knows that the LA Times has the worst sports columnists around, and Plaschke is for our money the crappiest of the bunch. Although Kurt Streeter is also horrible, but we haven't been subjected to him for nearly as long. At least TJ Simers - who is useless - has a formula (albeit a dreadfully tired one) and sticks to it. Plaschke's opinion seems to change with the breeze and Wallace demonstrates this in detail.

Why are newspaper's dying? Partly because they tend to hitch their wagons to crabby old blowhards like these dudes.

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