Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Report: Cuban Interested in Doyers

Bill Shaikin, who is putting in some nice work on the Dodger divorce debacle, has a quick hitter onMark Cuban in which he admits to having some interest in purchasing the Los Angeles Dodgers.
"I'm not a fan of debt-driven acquisitions," Cuban wrote. "If a unique situation came up where I could contribute capital to buy out a majority shareholder and gain control, with existing shareholders or note holders staying in place, I would consider it."
At this point we'd take anyone not named McCourt or Rupert Murdoch. But Cuban is savvy and if he's got real interest, he'll wait until the vacuous, publicity starved, money hoarders cannibalize each other so he can get the club on the cheap.  Say what you will about Cuban, his NBA track record demonstrates that he wants to win desperately.  And unlike current ownership, he's already rich.  

MLB doesn't like owners to have interests in other professional leagues, but they have to be disgusted with the McCourts at this point just like the rest of us.  We know it's a long shot, but we'll pray for it tonight right after we chant a psalm for a catastrophic McCourt plastic surgery mishap.   

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our New Favorite Web Site

We have long held that the McCourts are horrible people.  The first sign for us was their distasteful treatment of Los Angeles icon Ross Porter.  We knew then that these carpetbaggers had no appreciation for the history of the Dodgers, and that under their reign the fans would always be an afterthought.

Now a scant six years into the McCourt era their comeuppance is at hand in the form of what's shaping into a brutally bitter divorce.  And since we're way to lazy to suss out all of the coverage, we're happy to pass along a new blog that will do all of the heavy lifting for us.  Check out DodgerDivorce.com for info and analysis on the breakup of the two worst people in Los Angeles.