Saturday, August 22, 2009

Breaking News: High School Football Players Have Nowhere to Mosh

So it looks like Pennywise lead singer Jim Lindberg has (finally?) left the band. Word is he's working on a documentary follow up to his daddy memoir Punk Rock Dad which we're embarrassed to admit we read (two word review: total yawner) and a (god help us) solo record. Forgive us our ignorance, but Pennywise has been missing from our radar since about '95 or so. We were totally unaware they were still a band. Although, we're not afraid to admit that when one of their cockrocky anthems shows up during our thrice weekly hill runs, we always get that fist pumpin'. Hey...keep that low.

Friday, August 21, 2009

You're Welcome

Of course we were aware that when we posted a genius brief about Russel Martin's two seasons of suckitude, he would immediately go off. That's how much we love the Dodgers. We'll fuck with a guy just to see how he'll respond. We even drizzled our brilliance on the comments over at kensai's place based on the highly unlikely event that Martin isn't checking this site on an hourly basis. So the bar is set. For the remainder of the season Russell Martin needs to hit a four-run home run every night to escape our considerable fury. Now if you'll excuse us we have a goat to slaughter as a sacrifice to whatever deity is angry at James Loney's bat.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Smells Like 2007 in Here

Looks like Livan Hernandez finally got released.

If he hadn't started against the Dodgers awhile back we would have never known he was still playing. Don't get any ideas Ned. Unless you need help finishing off the post game spread.

Check out a way better Levon.

And He Makes Errors Too!

We know that it is sacrilege to disparage future Hall of Fame catcher Russell Martin, after all he is a gamer. But let's face it Martin has been a huge disappointment for the Dodgers. Notwithstanding his critical error that cost the Dodger's last night's game, he simply is not that special. He has completely lost any ability to hit the ball over the fence. He draws the occasional walk and on rare occasions a base hit, but it's time to admit it - he is just another light hitting catcher. You know, the kind that plays for every other team in the league.

Let the Danny Ardoin drum beat begin.