Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Hint About 2009

A disturbing little tidbit from a guy with some L.A. credibility.

Tim Brown:

Sources who ought to know don’t seem to believe Colletti, who is under contract through next season, is in imminent danger of losing his job.
Sigh (puts hands in pockets and kicks at dirt.) Great (makes deal with God to quit masturbating for a year if he will only smite Ned Colletti from the Dodger front office...immediately realizes this same deal was made - and broken - twice last week. Wait...what? Refocuses.)

There's still hope. It's unlikely that this team will make the playoffs. And if they do, they're not going to the World Series. And if they go to World Series, they're not going to win. And if they win the World Series...wait, what?

With Colletti back next year look for the Dodgers to pick up somebody like Bobby Abreu, because everyone knows Andre Ethier can't hit lefties and Matt Kemp doesn't listen. Jeff Kent will certainly be brought back for a farewell tour, and if he decides to retire Ray Durham's available. Is Pedro Feliz a free agent? No matter. He can be had for only two or three B-grade arms.

2009 is going to be awesome.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Breaking News: Jeff Kent is a Prick

Jeff Kent grew up in Orange County, which is usually reason enough to go to the mat for a dude. Not to mention his unironic 'stache rocks harder (rocks harder?) than Harry Reems'. But Jesus frickin' Christ, it's Vin Scully. Vin freakin' Scully. Vin Scully? Is Simers' next column going to highlight Kent's distaste for cancer kids? Does The 'Stache club baby seals in the off season?

Maybe it's just his ham handed way of explaining
Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc? He just wanted to demonstrate that just because his 40-year-old bat seemed to come alive after the acquisition of the most feared right-handed bat of this generation, that doesn't mean that his 40-year-old bat came alive because of the acquisition of the most feared right-handed bat of this generation. And oh by the way, fuck Vin Scully. Duly noted. He did go to Berkeley, right?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Breaking News: McCourt Not Worst MLB Owner

From Newsday via SPORTSbyBROOKS:

26. Frank McCourt, Dodgers. There have to be days when Joe Torre thinks to himself, "I miss the Steinbrenners. Shoot, I even miss Randy Levine." Yes, Joe must be happier now with Manny Ramirez aboard, but that spoke largely to dumb luck, rather than any vision on the Dodgers' parts. McCourt has exhibited an itchy trigger finger on GMs and managers, and while he has spent money (poorly, on GM Ned Colletti's bad recommendations) over the past few winters, he refused to take on salary during the season. Very odd.

While it's hard to put much stock into a list that has Jerry Reinsdorf near the top - Do you get credit for winning the World Series if you do it despite trading Carlos Lee for Scott Podsednick? - 26 seems like a good spot for Fox Redux.

The McCourt/Colletti Cabal of Ineptitude has no apparent plan and as a result is losing valuable hearts, eyes and dollars to the other Los Angeles. And replacing The Piece with
Larry Lucchino or Theo Epstein or freakin' Branch Rickey (he was good, right?) is not the answer unless you have a plan. Whomever (whoever?) McCourt hires needs to have a plan (can you say philosophy if it's just baseball?) and be given the room to run with it. Kinda like what The Robot was doing.

Get your mug out of the camera Frank. Don't worry, if the team wins you'll get the credit. Until then, you get the blame.

And by the way, the Dodgers just swept four from the Phillies.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Hits Just Keep on Comin'

From Tony Jackson:

The Dodgers are believed to be in discussions with the Washington Nationals about a possible trade that would bring veteran infielder Ronnie Belliard to Los Angeles. The Nationals withdrew Belliard from the waiver wire after at least one team, the Dodgers, put in a claim on him. But because the Dodgers were the team that would have acquired Belliard, by rules, the Nationals still can trade him to that club.
For Real?

Is there a shitty utility man that is not currently on the Dodgers roster? Is
Bob Bailor available?

Not that it needs to be elucidated, but this is why
The Piece sucks so bad. Here's a guy that can't crack the lineup on the worst team in the league, AND has another year on his deal for the bargain price of $2 million. How can you not sign him? That way he can block the progress of Chin-Lung Hu for the rest of this season and all of next year.

What's even better is that Jim Bowden, who might be the biggest toolbox in the league were it not for Colletti, realizes he's got a live one, and rather than let Belliard go for the contract relief is going to weasel a prospect out of the deal.

Unless the deal includes any combination of Juan Pierre, Andruw (Andruw?) Jones or the money owed to Esteban Loaiza...oh never mind.

Update from Dylan Hernandez:

...The Dodgers put in a waiver claim on Ronnie Belliard, making it possible for them to acquire the second baseman from Washington in a trade. But it appears the Dodgers made the move to prevent Belliard from going to Arizona, which lost Orlando Hudson for the season...

You're off the hook Ned. But it's still the kind of move you'd pull. Although why block this move? Belliard's not good and your rival wants him. Apparently worth it for the gamesmanship. Should've blocked than Dunn deal. Not like Cincy's going to dump him on you.

If I Had My Way, I Would Tear This Whole Building Down

Manny has finally cut his dreads..sort of. Everyone knows that ballplayers are superstitious, and this blog loves ManRam. But this is a blessing. That is the most bootleg collection of dreads known to man. Those things can't come off quick enough.

Forget those dreads and get with these.