Monday, December 15, 2008

Furcal Wants to be a Dodger

Tim Brown says Rafael Furcal is nearing a decision. Of course if he wanted to chase the bread, he would have already signed with Oakland. And Kansas City? That's kind of like moving to Barstow. You don't choose Kansas City, you end up there.

We're ambivalent here. We love Furcal when he's healthy, which hasn't been often. But if Ned doesn't sign Furcal,
look for Jack Wilson in Dodger blue. Therein (therein?) lies the problem. If Colletti doesn't want to pay Furcal, what sense does it make to pay 75 percent of his asking price to a dude that's not even half the player?

Jon Weisman says the Dodgers should address their outfield woes rather than concentrate on Furcal. Our question: why can't they do both?

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