Saturday, December 13, 2008

Does Anybody Have Ross Porter's Number?

By now everyone knows that the Dodgers are looking for some help on the TV broadcast. Of course we knew that before Tom Hoffarth told us that Charley Steiner was relegated to the full-time radio gig.

Read into this however you may, but the Dodgers have decided that having a consistent radio broadcast team means Charley Steiner won't be doing any TV work during the 2009 season.

We've always been critical of the dumping of
Ross Porter, and say what you will of him, the Vinless portion of the Dodger broadcasts has been mediocre at best ever since. We doubt that even Porter's detractors would say it's better.

As former flackers we recognize the opportunity here for the McCourts to drum up some good pub and improve the broadcast by bringing Porter back to the Dodger family. After all, whoever (whomever?) gets the job is going to be the guy who'll likely assume the reigns in post Vin Scully Dodgerdom (we literally cry ourselves to sleep every night at that thought) and that tends to go badly. Ask
Paul Sunderland.

The PR gaffes under the McCourt regime have been numerous and mostly funny.
How about the time they called during Dodgertalk to complain that the hosts were (host was?) not sympathetic enough to the team? Seriously guys, nobody likes a homer. And what is the reason that Frank McCourt needs to shove his mug into more cameras than Villaraigosa? They do know that having him as the face of the franchise damages the brand, right?

That was an aside (digression?). Here's the deal. We know it won't be Porter. Although if it were, we'd want it written into his deal that he got to drag his nuts across Frank McCourt's lips one time as a repayment for the professional disrespect he endured. We don't mind Jim "Watty" Watson or Bill "Billy Mac" McDonald. Those dudes are pros with LA cred. Just remember -
nobody likes a homer.

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