Thursday, October 15, 2009

For Sale: Five-Tool Center Fielder, Lefty Phenom and Anything Else Not Nailed to Stadium Floor

While we have long advocated that Frank McCourt follow the John Moores model of ownership, apparently we should have been more clear.  Our thinking was that owners should sign checks in seclusion from atop their ever growing pile of cash and not shove their giant grinning mugs in every available camera.  But just like Foot-Long parents, Foot-Long wife and Foot-Long children, McCourt completely missed the point.

Dodger fans had better hope to finish the job this year because just like John and Becky, there is trouble in Frank and Jamie's paradise as they have announced their separation.  Unless Frank has a few more parking lots with which to settle this divorce, the Dodgers could soon be relegated to the Kansas City, Pittsburgh and San Diego second division.


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