Friday, October 2, 2009

Breaking News: Al Davis is Insane

We have always loved the Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders.  Don't get us wrong, we root hard for them to lose every game and most Sundays we end up celebrating.  To us the Raiders are the NFL's version of Notre Dame.  Those teams have been horrific for as long as we can remember, but their fans are quick to talk about their unparalleled winning tradition.

Now the Raiders are taking it to another level.  Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle has a tremendous story about the Raiders trying to ban network broadcaster and former Raider Pro Bowl quarterback Rich Gannon from the routine pregame meeting with the coaches.  Turns out Gannon is a turncoat.
The Raiders tried to bar national TV analyst Rich Gannon from their headquarters, announcing that he would not be allowed to attend a meeting at which his broadcast team would prep for Sunday's Raiders-Broncos game.
These production meetings are standard fare. As far as I know, this was the first instance in NFL history of a team trying to bar a broadcaster.
Gannon, former Raiders quarterback, is considered a traitor because he has been critical of the team that is the losingest in football over the last six seasons.

Is there anything better than a crappy team seeking retribution against a former player for saying that they're a crappy team?  How is it that no one can tell Al Davis that this behavior is completely irrational?  What do the other owners say? 

We just hope that whatever has kept Al Davis alive this long keeps working, because we'll never see anything like this in professional sports again. 

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