Thursday, September 17, 2009

Breaking News: Joe Torre Does Something Smart

Maybe we give Joe Torre too hard of a time? He has won a couple of World Series', and those appearances have been pretty scarce 'round the Ravine of late. But how fun is it to point out people's successes anyway? This is the freakin' Internet!

Torre's finally got the good sense to put Chad Billingsley on the rack for awhile. Let's hope this is good for Billingsley since he's been dragging his face around the mound like a basset hound these days. The problem for Billingsley is that everyone knows it's in his head. He's had injuries to both hamstrings and it would have been easy to blame his problems on that, but Torre (speaking of basset hounds?) got all Dr. Phil with it and said Billingsley's got to get his head on straight.

From the LA Times:
Torre said he tapped Garland for Saturday partly because he has "had maybe a little more success against the Giants than Bills has." But Torre also said of Billingsley, "We're all of a mind that we want to get him in a good place.
A good place? Why don't you just call the guy a pussy? Just tell the media he's banged up and needs a rest, then call him a pussy in private.

Either way Billingsley needs to sit down, and so do a lot of guys for that matter. The Dodgers have a playoff spot locked down, and they need to use their expanded rosters and shelve the playoff studs. Torre should rest Randy Wolf, Johnathan Broxton and some of the regular players in preparation for a trip to the World Series.

After all, that's why Ned Colletti grabbed junk like Jon Garland and Vicente Padilla from the shit pile. Those dudes are playing for contracts. They will gladly stay on the mound until their collective elbow explodes like one of those poppy things on New Year's Eve.

Let's just hope Billingsley figures it out before facing Albert Pujols with dudes on base.

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