Thursday, July 30, 2009

Remember When Pitchers Used to Pitch the Entire Game?

Add this to the myriad list of things we just don't get. What is the reason for pulling a pitcher who is thoroughly dominating an opponent? We know that your closer is among the best in baseball. And we are also aware that you don't want to burn out your young ace. But what the fuck? Isn't it worth it to leave your stud on the bump (stud on the bump?) for the confidence boost alone?

Clayton Kershaw is clearly coming into his own (coming into his own?) And a complete game shutout victory to end the first three game losing streak of the season may have given Kershaw the swagger of an ace. We know you can't quantify confidence, and we really are nitpicking because let's face it Joe Torre does way dumber stuff in practically every game. We're just saying. Maybe we could consider letting a starter finish a game once in awhile?

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