Thursday, December 4, 2008

An Unfinished, Unedited Review of a Black Keys Show From Four Months Ago

In light of the newly released (two weeks ago) Black Keys DVD Live at the Crystal Ballroom, we thought we’d post this incomplete review of the band from back in August. Forgive our use of the term “Mouse House.” We may have been drinking. Enjoy?

You must truly love the way you look in a leather motorcycle jacket to rock one for a Black Keys show on an August night in Anaheim. We're paraphrasing our comment to Mrs. Foot-Long Dodger Blog during last night’s sweltering psychedelic swamp stomp at the Mouse House.

We’re embarrassed to admit this was our first go ‘round with the Black Keys, although we’ve been a fan since thickfreakness. Suffice it to say the band did not disappoint.

Tearing through a career-spanning set that ranged from melodic to apocalyptic, the Akron, Ohio duo exploded on to the stage and took no prisoners in a throbbing hour and a quarter set.

Dan Auerbach’s percussive finger picking (we never saw him use a pick) was a style lesson. And drummer Patrick Carney thrashed tastefully through the entire set upon a kit that we're certain will need a tune-up today.

Pretty great huh? Next time we'll keep writing, and like take notes. Check out the DVD.

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