Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Glass Eye! Glass Eye!

We kind of have mixed emotions here. On the one hand we follow the San Diego Chargers. In fact, we were so pleased with Sunday night's victory over the Denver Broncos that we almost said no to those last three fingers of Jameson. Almost.

On the other hand we like to laugh at the misfortune of the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders. And the Raiders firing of Mike Shanahan, followed by his team soundly throttling the Raiders practically every time they play is pretty amusing.

We are happy at the Shanahan firing for one reason. Foot-Long Dodger wife has, purely through anecdotal evidence, determined that Mike Shanahan uses a certain prosthetic appliance. And every time he is shown during an NFL broadcast Mrs. Foot-Long Dodger Blog is compelled to scream, "Glass Eye! Glass Eye!"

Hopefully his next job is outside of the AFC West.

You be the judge.

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